We offer consultancy and support via e-mail, as well as in the field.

1 We offer services and solutions in lubrication:

  • Make lubrication chart for industrial plants, in order to offer options of products of a different level of performance and price.
  • Sampling (tests of lubricants).
  • Issue reports.
  • Make charts and representative graphics.
  • Offer centralized lubrication systems, filtration.
  • Reliability Center Maintenance.
  • Training.
  • Monitoring.
  • Letters of lubrication.
  • Temporary resident in the field (if required).
  • Proposal for improvements and new technologies.

1 Recommendation of the proper lubricants to solve particular and specific needs.
2 Recommendation of the proper lubricant based on:

  • Checklist forms.
  • In-Plant studies.
  • Calculations of lubrication.
  • Tables of equivalences, compatibility, classification, matches.
  • Issue of thorough, comprehensive proposals (protocols, contracts, minutes).
  • Problem solving based on complete, thorough investigations.